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Last Edited November 6, 2012

Spanish 3

Bienvenidos Estudiantes

This page will have links to worksheets, test review worksheets and any other documents you may need. This will be updated as we go along.

I also plan on linking to movies and including question sheets about the movies for those of you who happen to miss the day we watch it.

If you have any questions, please write them in the blog section of this site, and I will try to get them answered quickly.




This link will get you into the Spanish vocabulary words - without meanings - given to you in class. However, I may change the order in wich I give them to you, or may leave out vocabulary sections!

Vocabulario 1 - Greetings, Descriptors, circumventors, family.

Vocabulario 2 - Verbs, Nationalities, Questions, Reflexive.

Vocabulario 3 - Verbs like gustar, travel, past tense, nature

Vocabulario 4 - Health, transitions, directions


This site will not include every single worksheet, as there are some that I do not create myself.

Review Worksheet

Packet 1 - Assignments for unit 1

Packet 2 - Assignments for unit 2

Packet 3 - Assignments for unit 3

worksheet for packet 3 - Conjugating worksheet.

Semester 1 project - Outline of project.